About Us

Hedone is a woman-owned and operated business (Michele Nosala, Founder and Mercedes Foret, Co-founder) offer products that promote the use and knowledge of all things Hemp.

Michele and I, Mercedes, met in 2010 when we were both attending Louisiana State University. Michele was studying to be a painter and I was studying photography. Our paths crossed in the shared studio space, and we became fast friends. Art school still holds a special place in both of our hearts as our friendship continues to grow and thrive.

After graduating LSU, we spent several years on our individual journeys. Michele attended graduate school in Los Angeles studying Art Therapy and exploring sexual wellness in a therapeutic setting. I fell in love with the Pacific NorthWest and moved to Washington state to be closer to larger than life landscapes for my photography. While out west, Michele and I developed a belief in natural alternatives for healing the body and mind. Through our individual experiences we each developed the conviction that hemp heals.

Michele’s special interest in sexual wellness led to an exploration of using hemp for sexual healing and enhancement of pleasure. Since hemp is a natural option for pain relief, relaxation and a helpful companion on almost any type of healing journey, it seemed a natural fit – hemp and sexual wellness. This gave us the first idea which led to the development of our premier product, our intimate serum. 

As we set out on this venture, we have two primary goals: 1) empowering people to explore self-care, awaken your sexual wellness, and prioritize pleasure  2) to make quality hemp products and other natural remedies accessible and affordable.

We are excited to be offering these wonderful, natural products. With a combined 20 plus years of customer service experience, we are committed to top quality service and know how to deliver it. Your time, your money, your experience and above all, YOU are important to us.

There are many more creations in the works and we cannot wait to share them all with all of you!


Mercedes Foret, Co-founder